Swap your way to 30 a day!

Fibre is found in plant foods such as wholegrains, fruit, veggies, nuts and legumes (like chickpeas & kidney beans). When eaten as part of a healthy diet, fibre helps to keep you regular, which is important for normal digestive health. Adults should aim for 25-30g of dietary fibre per day – that may sound like a lot but it can add up quickly! Try some of the below swaps to reach your 30 a day

If you’re currently not eating much fibre, it is best to add high-fibre foods into your diet slowly, to avoid possible side-effects like bloating and wind. For individual advice, please consult with your health care professional. Fibre values sourced from Food Standards Australia New Zealand: Australian Food Composition Database – Release 1.0, based on standard serve sizes from the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating.

Try these high fibre Mushroom & lentil patties

or for more inspiration on how to reach your 30 a day discover the our fibre-full recipes below.